The Best Open Back Headphones of 2021 In Low Budget!

Open-back headphones

Open-back headphones

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There was a time when sound travels through telephone lines only. Still, it was uneasy. Yet, we have countless inventions today that make us cozy and comfortable. Open-back headphones are one of them, introduced in 2012. Open-back headphones are opposite to closed-back headphones. Well, this is not enough to understand their differences. So, this is necessary to read out the functionality of both before buying it.

Open-back headphones are a set of two loudspeaker drivers that deliver clear sound. These have ports on them through which sound is entered and then carries an extensive punchy voice. Open-back headphones are best if you require to catches every deep sound, as open-back headphones deliver critical sound. They have ear cups on them that release the sound back out. That is the reason they are called open-back headphones. Because of these ear cups, it produces accurate sound. They have a high impedance keep them protected from any distortion of sound or any damage to headphones.


Open back VS Close back headphones:

You might get confused between open back and close back headphones. Although they have not very much dissimilarity, even a slighter difference makes a big difference. So, the distinction is that close back headphones have no ear cups on them. And accordingly have no function to pass the sound back out. But it does not mean that they are not good at all. Close back headphones are a better option in case you required isolation that lets you listen privately. Close-back headphones are good enough for daily use to listen to the sound. But in gaming, isolation does not matter very much. In gaming, you need to listen to the completed and detailed sound. So, for more accurate and deep clear voices, you will need to buy open-back headphones.



Open-back headphones have ear cups with noise-canceling power to reduce acoustic sounds. But the sound release is too strong and clear that even people surrounding you, can get that. Similarly, your sound will also hear by everyone near you. So, they are less isolated as compare to close back headphones. Probably these are not good for broadcasting and recording purposes.


Best open-back headphones:

Open-back headphones

Photo by Christina Rumpf on Unsplash


  • Shure SRH1840 Open-back Headphones (DJ-style, made with stainless steel, foldable, excellent drivers deliver well-balanced sound)
  • Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 (enhances sound transparency, light-weighted, foldable, deep bass, DJ-style)
  • ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset (3.5 mm of headphones jack, includes headset and USB cables, Customizable Speaker Tags, variety of configuration options )
  • HIFIMAN Deva-wireless Open-Back Headphones (wireless, can be connected through wire, crystal clear sound planer magnetic sound, a choice of gamers )



To sum up, open-back headphones are popular among professional gamers because of their features, including noise cancellation, better stereo imaging, and high impedance. Its quality of delivering deep clear sound makes it an all-time favorite in gaming. But on another side, open-back headphones are not perfect for tracking and recording as they are less isolated. For this, you need to switch to close back headphones.

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