Southside Serpents Riverdale: Fact You Might Want To Know

In Riverdale, The Southside Serpents (also referred only as Serpents) are a group of criminals who predominantly live on the south side of Riverdale. Hence, they got the name “Southside Serpents” from there. The gang is led by FP Jones, who is the father of Jughead Jones and Jellybean in the TV series. The serpents usually hang out at one of the bars in the town called the Whyte Wyrm.

Are The Southside Serpents Real?

There is absolutely nothing about Southside Serpents that is real. Since it’s a TV series, therefore, all the characters in it are fictional and have nothing to do with reality. However, some of the people who are die-hard fans of Riverdale and are obsessed with Southside Serpents love to adopt the SSS appearance. So you might see some of them wearing the same Southside Serpents Leather jacket that is the key identity of a Southside Serpents member.

Who Are The Members Of The Southside Serpents?

Current Members

  • Jughead Jones (Leader)
  • Thomas Topaz (Founding Member)
  • Joaquin DeSantos
  • Toni Topaz
  • Cheryl Blossom
  • Sweet Pea
  • Fangs Fogarty
  • Byrdie
  • Hot Dog (The Serpents Dog)

Former Members

  • Mustang (Deceased)
  • FP Jones (Retired)
  • Alice Cooper (Left)
  • Penny Peabody (Kicked out)
  • Tall Boy (Exiled)

What Are The Southside Serpents Laws?

There are 6 laws in total for being an official Southside Serpents member in Riverdale TV series that are:

  1. In unity, there is strength.
  2. A Southside Serpents member with never betrays his own.
  3. No serpent will be left for dead.
  4. If a serpent is imprisoned or killed, his/her will be taken care of after.
  5. No serpent will stand alone.
  6. A serpent won’t ever show cowardliness.

Are Southside Serpents Rules Different For Women?

Do women have to do the gauntlet too? As far as ladies are concerned Southside Serpents are feminists to some extent as they allow women inclusion in their ranks. However, they are also somehow sexist as it is a must for women to do the “Serpent dance.” When Jughead has been beaten up by the gang, there are ladies serpents in that gauntlet. This means that to earn your place you have to do daring things yourself.

Can a Serpent ever leave Southside Serpents?

“If you are a Serpent for once then you are a Serpent for life.” Keeping this statement you can understand that no serpent can cut his/her relation from the gang, even if he/she somehow wants to leave. The fact is that once you are a part of the Serpents family then whatever circumstances make your leave, you will still be in.”  Just like the way Alice has chosen to leave once. However, she can’t cut the ties from them!

What Kind Of Serpents Leather Jacket Does Jughead Wear In Riverdale?

The Southside Serpents leather jacket that Jughead and other Serpents members wear in the Riverdale is a motorcycle leather black leather jacket. Moreover, the jacket features a “Southside Serpents” logo on the back. Indicating that the individual who is wearing that jacket is a serpent.

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