How to Make Sales on Poshmark in 2020

New on Poshmark? Trying to get that side hustle going with all those clothes you are never going to wear? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this quick and easy guide on how to make sales on Poshmark.

Does Listing Items Daily Make More Sales on Poshmark?

We cannot stress this enough for newbies, list as much as you can.  The more you list, the more money you will make. Why? When you regularly update and list more items in your closet, you improve your chances of appearing in the search tab among the other newly posted items.

Moreover, you can always re-list your already posted items if they don’t attract enough traffic. In addition to this, you can spread your listings over some time instead of posting all your inventory in one day. For example, out of the 15 items you want to sell on Poshmark, schedule 3 listings per day.

How Does Description Help You with Increased Sales?

You must add accurate details of the clothing or items you post. For instance, buyers often complain that they are looking for a leopard print skirt with a stretchy fabric. However, they never seem to find items matching the exact description they search for. Rather they accidentally come across them in their feed with unhelpful descriptions like, ‘nice printed skirt. Wore only once.

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For this, we recommend adding size charts, fabric detail, describing neckline, sleeves, and material. Furthermore, add details that you might think makes your item unique like decorative straps or zippers and buttons. Equally important is to add information about any wear or tear.

Why is it important to Regularly Share Your and Others’ Closet on Poshmark?

Share and follow, share and follow. Repeat after us! This is practically your only real chance of making any sales as this is how the algorithm ranks each seller on the top trends. Sharing your closet at least 3 times a day has proven fruitful for many Poshers.

closet sharing on poshmark

Likewise, consider searching for sellers who enlist the same items as you. Give them a follow and a share of their closet. 1 out of every 10 follows will always return the favor. Similarly, many sellers are offering the same item as you. All you have to do is follow everyone who has liked this item. However, make sure you never spam them by claiming you offer the same product but for sale.

The other way to increase your followers and shares of your closet is to use any reliable poshmark follow bot.

We recommend using your phone for this instead of a desktop!

How Do Closet Parties Increase Sales on Poshmark?

A closet party, commonly referred to as a Posh Party, is a fun activity where one particular style of niche, brand, or theme is put up. As sellers, you can select items from your listings and add them to parties that match in theme.

Poshmark hosts 4 parties every day. At the end of each party, Poshmark adds the most shared items on their ‘Best in (Skirts/Dresses/Shoes)’ tab. Hence, increasing your chances of sales.

Does Photography Help You Make Sales?

Definitely! Plain and clean backgrounds are recommended for clear pictures of your items. In the same way, lighting also helps buyers decide. While this may be true, some Poshers suggest using something different from the boring grey backgrounds like a pride flag.

Pro tip: don’t use saturation or any other filters. Your customers will complain that their item is not as bright and colorful as the picture.

Is Becoming an Ambassador on Poshmark Important? 

What is a Poshmark Ambassador, you ask? An easy way to put it is that it’s becoming a trusted seller.

Now, what might be the benefit of becoming a PM Ambassador? Early access to PoshFest before it is open to the remaining of the buying community is a delight to every seller. Moreover, you get recommended to new Poshers and gain more followers.

Furthermore, you get an exclusive newsletter with sneak peeks to the latest trends in the coming weeks. Lastly, your ambassador status will help bring you more customers if not returning ones considering you would be seen as a reliable seller.

How Can Your Pricing Increase Sales?

Price the products right. Period. While keeping your profit margin in mind, you should also consider that if a seller is already selling an item $3 less than yours, chances are the buyer will always opt them over you. A great way to add competitive prices is to always search the same items you list and check what other people are offering.

Is It Okay to Allow Negotiation on Your Poshmark Closet?

Allowing the option of ‘negotiable’ on your listings always attracts more customers. You can even reject bidding if it does not suit you. Besides, you can also offer a fixed 5% or 10% discount on bundle deals and see how low can you go on a particular item. Remember that Poshmark users are always looking for a bargain!

price negotiation on poshmark

Does Packaging Help Increase Sales on Poshmark?

Make sure to get your free packaging boxes from USPS (US Postal Service) as soon as your Poshmark account gets going. Putting in a little effort to add personalized notes in your buyer’s package goes a long way. This reassures them that the seller cares enough to make such arrangements.

However, don’t overpack. Otherwise, you run the risk of exceeding the weight limit which could end up USPS charging them more without your knowledge.

How Do Returning Buyers Help You Make Sales on Poshmark?

How to make sure your buyers return to your closet after making a purchase? Get ‘love notes’! Love notes are reviews your buyers leave on your items after purchasing them. So, how do you ensure they add those notes? Add personalized thank you messages for your buyers and tag them on your Poshmark board. They would be likely to connect with you on a personal level and feel obligated to leave love notes on your listings.

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